Which type of Mattress is Best for Kids?

Your child is the center of your universe and you are definitely willing to do whatever it takes for the small one to have a healthy growth. For the child to grow healthy and strong, he needs a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, a bad or improper mattress can ruin the small one’s sleep. Therefore, read the following lines to find out which type of mattress is best for kids.

Types of mattresses for kids

The innerspring open coil mattress is the best choice for those who want a budget-friendly mattress that will last for years. Due to the fact that the child will be sleeping on it, the mattress will surely last even more as a result of it not being used by a heavy person.

The innerspring pocket coil mattress is more expensive than the innerspring open coil mattress because every coil is wrapped in fabric. Due to its design, the innerspring pocket coil mattress can contour better to the body shape.

The memory foam mattress can mold to the shape of the child’s body. After the child gets off the mattress, it goes back to its normal shape. Low-density memory foam reacts to molds and pressure and springs back to its initial shape fast. High-density memory foam responds to the body heat and takes a little more time to mold to the body shape.

Natural latex rubber foam mattresses are more expensive than other types of mattresses on the market. They are very comfortable to sleep on and they offer good support for growing children.

Futon mattresses are filled with natural fibers like cotton. They roll up during the day and they offer the necessary support for a good night’s sleep.

Comfort levels

Mattresses range from plush to very firm. Plush mattresses are best for side sleepers. They have several layers of foam and cushioning on top of the foam core or coil system. Plush firm mattresses are a versatile choice. They are good for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Firm mattresses are best for back sleepers. Extra firm mattresses have a compressed coil system. They have very little cushioning upholstery. This makes them the preferred choice of only a small minority of back sleepers.

Important considerations

When you buy a mattress for the child you have to be aware of off-gassing. Off-gassing occurs with many synthetic materials, usually with PVC and vinyl. The toxic gasses are released from the material or plastic and they can be felt for a long time after purchase. However, this phenomenon can continue for years and go undetected. Due to the fact that the small ones tend to spend around 12 hours in bed every day, you have to make sure that the mattress isn’t off-gassing to keep the child safe. The problem is that most mattresses have synthetic materials or flame-retardant chemicals in their construction. The best thing to do is to combat off-gassing by leaving the mattress in a well-ventilated room the first days after you buy it. Also, you can cover the mattress with special plastic mattress covers that don’t off-gas to stop the toxic gasses from passing through.

A lot of children suffer from allergies. The causes of allergies are many and they are impossible to pin down completely. Therefore, if your child suffers from allergies make sure that you buy a mattress that won’t harbour dust mites or other microscopic animals. Buy a real latex foam mattress in case that the child suffers from allergies to keep the small one protected. The latex rubber doesn’t conduct the growth of bacteria. This makes it the ideal choice for those who have children who need hypoallergenic antibacterial mattresses.


Choose the comfort level of the mattress that the child will sleep on based on the position in which the child prefers to sleep. When it comes to the type of mattress, if the child suffers from allergies, choose a real latex foam mattress. If the child doesn’t suffer from allergies, you can safely choose any of the other types of mattresses. The best thing to do is to go shopping with the small one and let him decide.