Parents of Teens Report Lack of Interest in Sports – How to Encourage an Active Lifestyle

When you have to deal with Generation Y, also known as Millennials, things get complicated. It’s hard to argue with them no matter the subject. While some parents believe that sports lead to better communicate with their children, others cannot say the same thing. In fact, most parents report a lack of interest in the only thing that could improve their relationship with their kids: sport.

It might sound a bit strange as you have probably seen parents interested in their kid’s physical activities. It’s a bit complicated! There is a big difference between kids and teens. With teens, things change and parents are no longer as involved as they were in the past. Parents should be positive models and influences for their children no matter how young or old they are. More than that everyone, including parents, should be encouraged to live a more active life.

There is nothing more important in the whole world than you and your family’s health. We don’t say that you have to become an athlete to stay in good shape. This topic is not about good shape. It is just about improving your health and stay active as much as you can. But, let’s admit the fact that it’s quite difficult to do that if you sit in front of the T.V. all day long. However, don’t be discouraged and keep on reading the following lines. Perhaps you will find something that will motivate you to get starting a physical activity.

30 minutes of jogging

As previously mentioned you don’t have to be an athlete or kind of a runner to have a jogging routine. We understand that you are not a gym enthusiast and you don’t like fitness workouts because you get exhausted, but jogging is an exercise that can be done at any time and it doesn’t cost a lot. Plus, it provides like any other sports plenty of health benefits. Besides, it helps you maintain a healthy weight, it also improves your cardiovascular system and helps you get strong bones.

Furthermore, it can strengthen your muscles as well as your immune system. Now, you may be wondering what is the difference between jogging and running. The difference between the two consists of intensity. While running is faster, jogging consists of maintaining your pace. However, in the beginning, it is not necessary to run fast. Start with 30 minutes per session and every week increases your running time while alternating between running and walking.

Swimming and water sports

It’s never too late to learn how to swim, so even if your teen doesn’t have any experience in this department, a few courses at a local pool are sure to do the trick. Swimming is one of the activities that appeal to young people more as it is practiced in a different, more fun environment. Moreover, it comes with an undeniable set of benefits that make people more prone to taking it up as, after you learn how to swim, you are bound to have a better time while on vacation at the seaside. If you present this sole argument to your child, receptivity to the proposal is a certainty.

There is the option of water sports as well, so if swimming doesn’t convince the teen, surfing or other more unusual water activities are sure to do the trick. As teenagers tend to be more attracted to adrenaline-filled activities, surfing should be an appealing option. Considering the fact that this sport engages the core and abdominal muscles for balance maintenance, it is quite physically challenging and promotes harmonious development.

If the thought of those big waves worries you, experts recommend a more toned-down version of the sport as stand up paddle board surfing can be performed on calmer water. In addition to the sport being practicable even during small waves, which enhances safety, it is easier for beginners to learn how to surf on a inflatable paddle board rather than on a classic surfboard as well.

Cycling and its health benefits

Cycling is great for your mood. It boosts your mood and makes you feel happy. It is an interactive sport that will make you feel younger. Plus, if we return to today’s topic, it helps you better communicate with your teens.

You can go out with your kids and your bikes for a short ride and explore the nearby forests and parks. Since your daily routine is based on your sedentary life, we might understand that starting a new active life is not possible. The fact is that you don’t have to start right now with all the outlined activities. It’s important to start with something.

Let’s hit the gym

Have you ever thought about going to the gym with your teens? Well, it’s time to think about that. Regular physical activity can boost your mood and help you feel more energetic. Besides, you will spend more time with your children. Also, an intense workout routine helps improve focus, maintain body weight and build confidence. Spending less time watching T.V. or playing computer games will bring you closer to your children. Besides, an intense workout will help you sleep better.

It’s already known that daily workouts improve the quality of your sleep. According to several researchers, both women and men aged 30 to 80 who report a lack of interest in sports have serious sleep disorders. Being active will keep your mind busy and it won’t take too much for you to fall asleep like a baby.

Nothing should be more important in your lifestyle than being active. We know that with several lines is difficult to change your mind, but nothing is impossible. Just think about your kids. How important is for them to see you healthy and in a good mood. If you are unable to run, there is no problem, you can go to a gym and exercise. If going to a gym seems to be overpriced and you are on a limited budget, perhaps cycling is the right choice.