Most Fashionable Celebrity Kids

Celebrities must always look good and wear quality clothes signed by famous designers and the passion for fashion has been transmitted to their kids as well. Therefore, you will see celebrity kids who wear expensive clothes and accessories and look like they just came from a fashion show. You are about to discover the most fashionable celebrity kids.

North West

With a mother like Kim Kardashian who is a true fashionista with an impressive closet, North West couldn’t be outdone. The cute toddler wears the most stylish clothes and even has signature items delivered for her at home. Her mother made her famous for her sweet ballerina tutus and leather jacket outfits.

Suri Cruise

Tom Cruise’s and Katie Holme’s daughter, Suri Cruise, has always been in the spotlight and she never let people down when it came to fashion. She was always spotted well-dressed and she even made a big fuzz when her mother gave her high heeled shoes at a small age. The little girl has grown since then but she is still a fashionable celebrity kid.

Lila Moss

Being the daughter of one of the best top models in the world, Lila Moss turned out to be a fashionista herself and she has always displayed cute and stylish outfits. Her mother is very involved in her daughter’s wardrobe and she only chooses the best outfits for her little lady.

Jayden and Willow Smith

Although they didn’t always make it to the “well-dressed” top, Jayden and Willow Smith are, without a doubt, the two most fashionable celebrity kids. Their style is a little more special and they are attracted to more edgy items, but they are certainly unique and stylish. The top fashion brands want to have them in their runway shows due to their attraction for fashion.

Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s daughter is a sweety with an intense sense for fashion hat she inherited from her parents. Besides the fact she is always well-dressed in the most beautiful clothes, she even has a leather jacket with her name studded on it.

Flynn Bloom

Although the top was mostly owned by girls, this adorable little boy is a celebrity kid worth the attention. His parents are Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom and if that doesn’t say it, the pictures of him will. Flynn Bloom is not only cute but he is also very stylish and elegant all the times, mostly due to his mother.