How to Soothe Back Pains Caused by Holding the Baby

Once you bring your baby home, you will have to hold them many times during the day and this can even mean hours of carrying the baby which will cause you intense back pain. Plus, every time you will leave home, you will have to carry a large diaper bag that will put a lot of pressure on your back muscles. For soothing your muscles and alleviating pain, we offer you some effective tips that can help you get rid of the excruciating back pain.

  • If you haven’t had a cesarean section, you can soak your body in a tub of hot water that will relax the muscles and will improve blood circulation. If your doctor doesn’t allow you to take hot baths, you can resort to packing your back with hot towels that will alleviate pain. You can also alternate hot and cold packs to reduce back pain.
  • Getting a massage is the most effective way of soothing back pain but it can be hard to see a masseur with your baby at home. A massage chair can do wonders for your back and will offer you all the comfort you need with the advantage that you can use it in the intimacy of your home without having to leave the house and go to a massage salon. You can work on your back muscles and allow them to rest under the pleasant movements of the massage chair that will improve your blood circulation and relax your muscles.
  • A good rest will not only help you gain strength but it will also relieve your back pain. Having to carry your body is strenuous enough for you so you should rest in order to avoid further pain. Avoid intense activities that will weaken your back muscles even more and try to rest as much as you can. Avoid standing too much and every time you sit on a chair, use a footstool to raise your feet so the blood will flow smoothly.
  • Breastfeeding can worsen your back pain if you don’t know how to do it properly so that you won’t strain your back even more. Keep your back straight while you hold the baby and avoid leaning towards to bring the breast to the baby but lift the baby on a pillow so they will easily reach the breast.
  • Exercising and stretching can help you make your back muscles stronger so the pain will be minimized. If your doctor agrees, you can perform some mild stretching that will heat your back area and will rid pain and discomfort.