How to Get Your Baby to Sleep at Night

Babies are hard to understand and they are a lot more sensitive than adults. The parents of babies have to go through a lot of trouble when they raise the small ones. Probably the most tiring part is putting the baby to bed and going into the nursery 10 times per night because the small one is crying. If you want to learn how to get your baby to fall asleep fast and to sleep throughout the night without interruptions, read the following lines.

Use the HoMedics Deep Sleep HDS-2000 sound machine

A great way to make the baby fall asleep without him waking up throughout the night is by using a sound machine. Modern sound machines play sounds that soothe the small one into falling asleep. In addition, they mask the disruptive noises that appear and that might wake up the baby.

For only $70, you can acquire the HoMedics Deep Sleep HDS-2000 that is one of the best noise makers for sleep and produces some extremely realistic sounds that actually help the baby fall asleep. In addition, the white noise produced by the unit is able to mask perfectly any background noise. It offers a total of 12 water and nature sounds for you to choose from. You can set the volume exactly as high or as low as you want for the baby to not be distracted by the machine. For perfect results when it comes to your baby falling asleep fast and sleeping throughout the night, you can use the sleep therapy option of the HDS-2000 sound machine. This option takes a random water or nature sound and transitions it into white noise once the baby falls asleep.

Use the Ferber method

The Ferber method is seen by many as a brutal method to use for making the small one sleep at night. But it’s the most efficient method to use that doesn’t involve using a sound machine. When applying the Ferber method, don’t let your guard down and follow the instructions precisely. In less than a week, your baby will surely fall asleep fast and without waking up during the night. When the baby starts to cry the first time during the night, wait for 5 minutes before going into the room to comfort him briefly. If he cries again, wait for 10 minutes before you interfere. If the crying continues more times throughout the night, wait for 5 additional minutes before you enter the nursery. Repeat this ritual, and in less than 7 days you won’t have to deal with going inside to comfort the baby at all because he’ll sleep throughout the night.

Play with the baby a lot during the day

A lot of parents make the mistake of playing with the baby before it’s time for the small one to go to bed. They think that the baby will feel worn out and fall asleep faster. This method actually makes things worse. Instead of making the baby feel tired, you are agitating him and making him more active. The best thing to do is to play with the small one intensely during the day. Before it’s time to go to bed, gently rock him instead of doing anything else. The small one will surely fall asleep fast and have a long and uninterrupted night’s sleep.