Essential Things to Have in the House when the Baby is Born

posted in: Kids' Health

Babies don’t need a lot of things for the first weeks at home. Despite the temptation to buy plenty of beautiful clothes and interesting gadgets, there are just a few basics that your baby need. As such, in this article, we have gathered several essential things to have in the house when the baby is born.

Your baby’s clothes

When your baby is born, you should have in the house at least ten all-in-one suits. These are the most common and comfortable clothes for the babies. Actually, they are wearing only these clothes during their first few months. Moreover, it’s recommended to buy one or two cardigans for cool seasons. You can also buy a coat or all-in-one suit if it’s winter. Keep in mind that your baby will also need socks, even if they are usually falling off or get lost. Everybody knows that clothes are some essential things to have in the house when the baby is born.

The nappies

When you have a baby in the house, you surely know that they need to be changed 10 times to 12 times a day. As such, the nappies are very crucial in your newborn baby’s life. Moreover, you should know that you also need to buy some nappy sacks and wet wipes. On the other hand, you can use reusable nappies. You will need at least 20 nappies suitable for your baby. Furthermore, you have to consider a bucket, nappy sterilizer, and some nappy liners. However, if you get behind with the washing during the early weeks, you can use a packet of disposable nappies handy too.

The feeding equipment

Whether you breastfed or not, the feeding equipment must be always present in your home. Your baby will need teats, bottle brushes, and bottles. Moreover, you need to have a sterilizer or some other sterilizing methods which are essential if you are bottle-feeding. Don’t forget also to buy some cotton bibs. However, if you are breastfeeding, make sure you use breast pads and nursing bras.

Things you will need for your baby’s bedding

When you are thinking about designing your baby’s room, make sure you choose a crib or a cot which can provide your baby with safety and comfort. Moreover, you have to buy some sheets, a baby sleeping bag, and a few cellular blankets. Keep in mind to choose a high-quality mattress which can support your baby’s body. If you are thinking about buying a cotton jersey or cotton wrap, you should know that is a good choice because it is a useful way to protect your baby from overheating during the early weeks.


When it comes to bath your baby, opt to buy a baby bath with a special support which will hold your baby safely. Buy for your baby some towels and a few liquid baby cleansers or bath emollient which are able to protect your baby’s delicate skin. Everybody knows, that any baby, after his bath should be massaged with special oils and cream to avoid irritations and skin disorders. Furthermore, in any bath should be several cotton flannels or cotton wools.