Easy Microwave Meals for Picky Kids

posted in: Kids' Health

What you feed your child should not be very complicated and should include healthy and delicious ingredients that will satisfy their tastes. For times when you are busy but you still want to prepare good foods for your kids, you can use the microwave oven to make easy and tasty dishes. If your picky kid refuses to eat, here are some easy microwave recipes you can tempt them with.

Fake French fries

Any kid loves French fries but we all know how bad they are for their health due to all the grease they contain. You can convince your children to eat a healthier version made from sweet potatoes which are rich in potassium, fibers, and vitamins. Cut the sweet potato into small pieces like fries, put them on baking paper on a pan, season with salt, pepper, spices and a sprinkle of olive oil and put them in the microwave oven for 15 minutes until they become gold and crispy.

Mashed potatoes pancakes

If your kids don’t want to eat mashed potatoes, you can turn them into a yummy and interesting dish using your microwave. Mix the mashed potatoes with an egg, ½ cup of flour, a finely chopped green onion, and your favorite spices. Mold the resulted paste into small pancakes that you will cook in the microwave with some melted butter on top. For smaller kids, you can even make funny faces out of the pancakes like a bear or a cat and you can decorate them with peppers, tomatoes or olives.

Peanut butter and chocolate dessert

For a tasty dessert, you can try a combination of peanut butter and chocolate that will please even the pickiest kid. In a microwave-safe bowl, heat some condensed milk to melt chocolate chips and place the melted chocolate in a microwave-safe pan covered with wax paper. Then, mix condensed milk with one tablespoon of peanut butter and vanilla and heat in the microwave until mixed. Spread it evenly over the melted chocolate and chill in the fridge until you can cut it in pieces.

Ham and cheese baked potatoes

Baked potatoes and cut them in half, scoop the middle and mix it with ham, cheese, onions, and seasoning. The resulted mixture will go in the baked potato and into the microwave oven until a nice crust is formed. Add some more cheese on top and you will have a meal that is ready in 15 minutes with minimum effort.