Dental Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers need special attention from their parents. You can’t neglect the oral hygiene of your small one. But due to the fact that they are sensitive and gentle, it’s hard to figure out how to correctly proceed when it comes to their dental health. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your baby or toddler will have strong and healthy teeth, read the following lines. Here you will learn some great dental tips for babies and toddlers.

Don’t let the baby sleep with the bottle in his mouth

If the baby falls asleep with the bottle in his mouth, a small amount of milk will stay in the small one’s mouth and on his teeth. This will ultimately lead to tooth decay. Once the baby is finished with drinking the milk, remove the bottle from his mouth. In case the small one has a night time feed, make sure to hold him when he is fed. Don’t let the baby drink milk from the bottle unsupervised. In addition to tooth decay, if the baby falls asleep with the bottle in his mouth he could even choke or develop an ear infection. Therefore, avoid letting the baby sleep with the bottle in his mouth.

Give the small one only filtered water

No matter if you have a baby or a toddler, you have to make the small one drink as much water as possible. But you can’t let the child ingest the contaminated water that comes out of your tap. To make sure that the water is safe for the child to drink, use a water filter. The device will filter the contaminants and bacteria that lurk in the tap water and make it safe for the small one to drink. A water filter isn’t a large investment. In addition, there are a lot of types and models on the market for you to choose from. The best thing to do is to take a sample of your tap water and analyze it to see exactly what contaminants lurk in it. Afterward, buy a water filter that is capable of filtering those exact contaminants.

Keep the small one’s teeth healthy with milk

Babies under 12 months should drink breast milk or infant formula because it’s a good source of calcium. Milk makes the baby’s teeth grow strong and healthy. Children over 12 months should drink plain full-fat cow milk. Once the small one is 2 years old, you should feed him low-fat milk. Just make sure to never feed the child flavoured milk because it contains sugar. Drinking this type of milk will ultimately lead to tooth decay.

Healthy meals and snacks for strong and healthy teeth

When the baby is around 6 months of age, you have to start feeding him solid foods for his teeth to grow strong and healthy. Once the small one reaches 12 months of age, he can enjoy a variety of healthy foods similar to the rest of the family. Just make sure to avoid feeding the child snacks and meals that have sugar in them, or else the child’s teeth will decay.

Clean the baby’s teeth as they appear

Clean and brush the small one’s teeth to remove the plaque that causes tooth decay. When the child is 18 months old you can start using pea sized amount of low-fluoride toothpaste to brush his teeth. Teach the small one to spit the toothpaste out after brushing for him to not ingest the toxic substance. Clean all the surfaces of the child’s teeth and gums twice per day.