Best Educational Activities for Toddlers

Play time should not only focus on games but also on educational activities that will improve your child’s development and will enhance their skills. The best way to attract a toddler into learning is to create interesting games so that they will be attracted to learn new things. Here are some educational activities tat can help develop your toddler’s interest for knowledge.

Tear It Up

Tear It Up is an educational game that will enhance the toddler’s hand-muscle exercise and will help them imitate actions. This activity consists of some pieces of paper and a bottle. You will have to crumple the pieces of paper and stick them into the bottles using your index finger. Encourage your child to do the same thing and watch them as they imitate your movements.

Target Practice

It’s essential to work on your toddler’s balance as well as their target practice because it will help them stand and achieve several goals. This activity is similar to bowling and it implies balls of various sizes, milk cartons and plastic bottles. Place the bottles and cartons at a certain distance in front of the toddler and ask them to throw the balls at the objects so they will knock them down. Not only this will be fun, but it will also help them target an object and reach it using the rotating balls.

Photographic Sequencing Game

This game improves their memory and their ability to coordinate actions and make connections. Take pictures of your toddler during regular daily activities like brushing their teeth, washing hands, eating lunch, playing outside, putting clothes on, coloring a book, setting the table or playing outside. Then, show them the photographs and ask them to point at each time of the day a certain activity was performed. This way, you will help the child remember things and connect them to various times of the day.

Learning to Sort Shapes

This educational activity will help the child recognize shapes and colors in a fun way. Instead of simply teaching them which color is which and which shape is which, show them to the toddler. Cut six small-size circles, six medium size rectangles, and six large triangles and color the circles red, the rectangles blue and the triangles yellow. Allow the toddler to play with them and explain to them what the circle, the triangle and the rectangle look like, as well as the similarities of each color. Then, ask them to group the items by shape and color so they will get used to the shapes and colors.