Best Advice for Doing the Baby’s Laundry

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Babies are very sensitive and you have to handle their clothes with proper care for the small ones to not get rashes. You can’t treat the laundry of a baby like you treat your laundry. To learn how to do the baby’s laundry, read the following lines. Here you will learn the best advice on this matter. By applying what you learn here, you will better protect your baby.

Wash the newly bought clothes before the baby wears them

No matter what brand of clothes you buy for the child and from what store you buy them, you have to wash them before the child wears them for the first time. A lot of people have put their hands on the clothes. More to the point, you don’t know how much dust has settled on them and in what kind of conditions they have been kept. Therefore, get the contaminants and bacteria that lay on the clothes out before the baby gets to wear them. This way you ensure that the small one won’t have an infection, irritation, or rash caused by wearing dirty and contaminated clothes.

Use a gentle baby laundry detergent

As we mentioned before, babies are more sensitive than us. Their skin is more gentle and it can get irritated easily. To make sure that the baby’s laundry is perfect for the small one to wear, wash it with a gentle baby laundry detergent. We recommend that you use the Baby ECOS Hypoallergenic laundry detergent. It’s great for smooth and sensitive skin. Also, the detergent smells lovely. If you have sensitive skin yourself, you can even use the detergent on your clothes.

Dry the clothes in the Samsung DV457 dryer instead of air drying them

You can’t air dry the baby’s laundry because the dust and bacteria that lurk in the air can get into the clothe’s fibers and affect the small one. Instead of air drying the baby’s laundry, dry them using the Samsung DV457 dryer. To buy this dryer you will have to spend approximately $1300. It offers 8 specialty cycles that you can choose from which include the Kids Wear cycle. You have 15 dryer cycles that you can choose from. If you want a fast dry, the unit will dry the laundry in less than 14 minutes. Also, it includes a cycle for delicates. It has an impressive 8.0 cubic feet capacity. You can delay the start of the machine by up to 12 hours. In addition, it’s certified by EnergyStar for being energy efficient due to the fact that it consumes 36% less energy than other comparable models.

Remove the odors and sanitize the laundry with the Rowenta IS6200 steamer

You have to use the Rowenta IS6200 steamer to get the unpleasant odors out of the baby’s laundry and to sanitize them. In addition, you can use the clothes steamer to get the wrinkles off of your clothes as well. It has an 81-ounce water tank that will provide you with at least an hour of continuous steam. To buy this product you will spend only $200. The roll and press feature frees one hand for you to feel more comfortable while using it. Also, it weighs only 16.2 pounds. The light weight in combination with the tilt and roll system of the steamer make it easy to transport it.